Monday, April 6, 2009

我的心灵导师: 尊者阿姜查

大学时, 因善缘, 接触了尊者的开示 (书本)

尊者的开示, 没有宗教与国界的约束
虽然, 有些时候不是很容易懂
但是, 是直接的.

其实, 尊者的开示很多都是被翻译成英文, 然后才翻译成中文

It’s easy to talk about and hard to do. It’s like monks who are thinking of disrobing saying, “Rice farming doesn’t seem so difficult to me. I’d be better off as a rice farmer”. They start farming without knowing about cows or buffaloes, harrows or ploughs, nothing at all. They find out that when you talk about farming it sounds easy, but when you actually try it you get to know exactly what the difficulties are.

Everyone would like to search for peace in that way. Actually, peace does lie right there, but you don’t know it yet. You can follow after it, you can talk about it as much as you like, but you won’t know what it is.

So, do it. Follow it until you know in pace with the breath, concentrating on the breath using the mantra ‘Buddho ’. Just that much. Don’t let the mind wander off anywhere else. At this time have this knowing. Do this. Study just this much. Just keep doing it, doing it in this way. If you start thinking that nothing is happening, just carry on anyway. Just carry on regardless and you will get to know the breath.


尊者阿姜查是我的导师, 也希望是你的.



Theng said...

Who is he? Anyway, i believe good people will have good return.

LAM Honloong said...

He is my teacher ...
I learn a lot from him.


yl said...

This is the teaching from Ajahn Mun.

From the website u also can find the teaching from Ajahn Sao.

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